A Positive Approach,
peace is always accessible and close

The approach to the curriculum involves understanding that we achieve peace mainly through seeing and acknowledging the positive and the good in yourself and others and promoting: peace is always accessible and close.

Not the peace of the absence of war, but peace within yourself. This place of peace you can always return to.

The curriculum on peace; Peace in Your Hands

  • Strengthens a safe and peaceful educational environment in school
  • Supports skills in the field of civic education and dealing with cultural differences
  • Provides tools to discuss social issues.

Special attention is given to work with children in stressful situations (including refugee children).

The package includes:

  • Background
  • Individual and group activities
  • Movement, relaxation and breathing exercises to create balance
  • Inspiring storiesExercises for the teacher.

The curriculum is developed by specialists in the field of the development of the young child, and stress and trauma management.